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Yen Chun Lin & Gediminas Žygus: Hold the Blue Wind with Open Palms


Yen Chun Lin & Gediminas Žygus: Hold the Blue Wind with Open Palms

Falling into a tunnel — the wind brings us here. The wind that touches the ocean’s surface, lands, leaves, and hair. Sometimes, one can hear it; sometimes, one can only feel its shy touch. It preserves memories by hiding rhythms in its noise. Layers, loops, and rhymes of the past, present, and future can be unpeeled and heard.


Here, a realm slowly wakes up from a long hibernation. Sounds emerge from dust, from plants drawn on the walls, from birds carved on the balcony, and from clouds printed on the windows.


The wind that carries time and memories sings between our palms as we hold each other’s hand.


In this shelter, without time, the wind, and dreams can escape from becoming fictions of the future and history. As we long for shelter from the wind, the wind also needs a refuge – to let it go from our embrace.


    Yen Chun Lin (b.1990, Taiwan) currently lives and works among states of falling, falling asleep, falling awake, falling with(in) love, and falling (into) unknown. Through artistic practices, she tunes into subtlety, liminality, and the ‘seemingly imperceptible’ to cultivate sensibility to communicate with(in) silence, darkness, dust, wind, and sub(un)conscious states. Her works are materialised in the form of installations, hosting sculptural soundscapes, performances, collaborations, and speculative sciences. Yen holds a Master in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University of London and received the Taipei Art Award Grand Prize (2021). Recent solo exhibitions at ICA London and Taipei Fine Art Museum.


    Gediminas Žygus’s (also works under J. G. Biberkopf) practice explores viscerality and narrative design. Revolving around performances, albums, and short films, Gediminas’s work has been performed and featured globally, including recently at the Barbican Centre, Berghain, La Biennale di Venezia, Centre Pompidou, Haus der Kunst in Munich, ICA London, Palais De Tokyo, The Kitchen, and Unsound, among others. Gediminas holds a Master’s in Film, Design, and Politics from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Their second solo album, “The Seed, The Sinkhole, The Flower, and The Flare,” will be released on Subtext Recordings in May 2024.

‘Hold the Blue Wind with Open palms’ is part of ‘Refuge’ opening programme.


Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture