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Chordos String Quartet: ‘Correlations’


Contemporary music concert “CORRELATIONS”

Ingrida Rupaitė – 1st violin
Vaida Paukštienė – 2nd violin
Robertas Bliškevičius – Viola
Arnas Kmieliauskas – Cello


The programme weaves together and interacts with a variety of countries, generations, creative practices and themes. What connections can we see between the past and the present, between different people or individuals and the cosmos? Is there a big gap between seriousness and play? “Correlations” offers listeners a spectrum of experiences that are at the same time different and yet uniting, in which a journey towards understanding the structure of one’s own world becomes the most important meta-task for listeners.


The concert will feature the composer Arūnas Navakas’ “Service Book” (2004). According to the composer himself, he is most interested in the intersection of styles and genres, tonality and atonality, the modern and the traditional. As musicologist Asta Pakarklytė describes Navakas’s work, the composer is characterized by the “pristine” and unartificial gentleness and relaxed calmness of his sounds. Each of his works is like one broad, large consonance, sounding and shaping itself in different forms.


Marius Baranauskas’ “HH Object” (2023) will immerse listeners in unearthly sounds and images. The work reflects a cosmic object that is formed during the formation of young stars and has a unique and striking symmetrical structure. The physical parameters and visual inspirations of this object are transformed into musical form, timbres, rhythms and other sonic elements. At the same time, as the composer states, it is a metaphor for birth, the beginning of the beginning and its unfolding.


The concert will also feature compositions written by the legendary American “Kronos Quartet” for the project “Fifty for the Future”. Written in 2015 by Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalova, “My Desert, My Rose” is, according to the composer, like a journey of four people and characters. Starting in different places, after long searches and unexpected collisions, it ends in one space, time and language.


The UNESCO award-winning Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven has, over the years, carried out music and theatre projects in different cities with different communities, in hot spots around the world, or in the wild. He now describes himself as a creative researcher of complex social issues. His concert piece “Play” (2016) brings together listeners and performers for a shared musical practice. M. Twaalfhoven says: “Throughout the ages (and now outside of concert halls), music has been the most effective means of bringing different people together to create, participate, play. Today our society is fragmented and divided. Can musicians contribute to creating new forms of connection and community?”.


Arūnas Navakas “Service Book” (2004)
Marius Baranauskas “HH Object” (2023)

Aleksandra Vrebalov “My Desert, My Rose” (2015)
Merlijn Twaalhoven “Play” (2016)


  • Founded over 25 years ago, the Chordos String Quartet has maintained its main mission throughout its existence – to present contemporary Lithuanian music and to introduce the public to the works of world-renowned composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The ensemble regularly performs at various contemporary music festivals and concerts in Lithuania and abroad, as well as at cultural diplomacy events aimed at presenting the country. In 2024, the members of the Chordos String Quartet were awarded the Government Prize for Art and Culture.