Listening session

Meditation of the Ancient Harp

Davide Manganaro's photo

On 4 July, at 7 pm, in the North Gallery of the Sapieha Palace, we will host an exclusive event that does not fit into the concert format.  We have called it Meditation of the Ancient Harp.


Early music expert and performer Ieva Baublytė (ancient harp, recorder) will invite the audience to immerse themselves in a meditative listening session and to relax in a special sound environment. Her music will weave together the flute’s serene melodies and the ancient harp’s gentle sound. Listeners will be invited to listen into the silence and themselves. The session will include traditional Irish melodies, ancient medieval music and contemporary improvisations.




Ieva Baublytė’s small instrument is a replica of a 15th century harp, also known as a Gothic or early Renaissance harp. Such harps are extremely rare today and are more often found in museum exhibitions or in old paintings, frescoes or manuscripts. In the past, they were played by wandering poets and harpists at European courts.




Ieva Baublytė is a performer of Gothic harp and longitudinal flute, a teacher and one of the few specialists of Early Music in Lithuania. After studying in Switzerland at the prestigious Basel Academy of Music’s Early Music Institute Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, volunteering in Argentina, and studying philosophy in Fribourg, she returned to Lithuania, where she has been actively involved in the concert and educational activities for the promotion of Early Music since 2009.


In recent years, she has been performing early Italian and French Baroque music programmes with the ensemble Chiaroscuro and interactive musical performances with the international Camerata dei folli troupe. Ieva Baublytė performs medieval and renaissance musical tales for children with Beatričė Baltrušaitytė and the ensemble In Campo Aperto. She also collaborates with the French association Pop’Harpe, which organises harp-making workshops for anyone interested in diatonic harp music. Ieva Baublytė actively participates in international projects and performs as a solo gothic harpist, or with other ensembles at various Lithuanian and foreign festivals.