History Tours


The official opening weekend of Sapieha Palace will take place between April 12-14, but you are already invited to be one of the first ones to visit and experience the space and the architecture of the historic building which will soon be filled with art.


On February 22, 29 and March 7, there will be historic tours in English about the Sapieha Palace’s history, owners and ever changing purpose as well as decade long research and conservation works.


Baroque decoration and names of famous masters and the legendary Sapieha family from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania recall only a short period of the building’s existence, but the recent meticulous architectural research revealed the contours of earlier masonry and helped us to understand the transformations, that the palace underwent in the middle of the 19th century.


In the historic setting of Antakalnis, the reopened Sapieha Palace invites you to stroll through their empty spaces, learn about the decades of research and restoration work, and observe the motifs of war and hospital, which are evidence of the diverse palace’s use throughout history.


Duration – 1h

The meeting point is by the stairs of the west facade.


February 22 (Thursday) 18:00 History tour EN
February 29 (Thursday) 18:00 History tour EN
March 7 d. (Thursday) 18:00 History tour EN